Fausto Puglisi Fall 2014: A Life-Sized Kaleidoscope (Runway Review)

fausto fall 14 landscape

The Inspiration: A life-sized kaleidoscope. America.

The Look: Fausto Puglisi spent his entire fall collection riffing on a theme: pieced-together color collages. Triangles of coordinating (and non) colors—red/white/black, green/pale yellow/red/pink/black—were stitched together to form long-sleeved bodysuits, pants, button-ups and skirts. The near singular focus meant the collection felt cohesive even if the colors could skew a little nutty. While sometimes these collaged canvases were adorned (with huge studs or colored beads), the plain ones were sometimes the most appealing. That said, there was a killer embellished leather jacket in the mix. Puglisi also added a neat print of the Statue of Liberty—the head-and-shoulders bust alone, focused on the sleeves of jackets and multiplied on a button-up was a wise choice.

The Accessories: Brightly colored heels, mostly.

The Beauty: Long, flowing hair parted in the middle paired with a warm face: slightly flushed and with a shiny purple-pink lip.

The Casting: Lindsey Wixson opened the show.

The Takeaway: Subtle Americana filtered through an Italian kaleidoscope actually looks pretty rad.

images: IMAXtree

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